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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gift from Lip on Lip and Face on Face

Hi ladies, so yesterday I received 2 packages from courier. Both of them are from PT. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia. I saw the handwriting on the envelopes said "Beauty on Healthy Photo Contest Favorite Winner" and "Lip on Lip Whose Lips Winner". Thanks God, I know this is a bless from You so I can win the contest and quiz from them and thanks to Rohto and Mentholatum for give me an opportunity to win these ^^

Okay, now let's take a peek what's inside.

Hmm..seems a lot of stuff inside =D

A lot of brochures about the products. Really interesting to read =)
Make me easier to know more about Rohto and Mentholatum products.

1. Skin Aqua UV Mild Milk. I never try this variant before. My favorite is UV Whitening Milk and you can read my review here.
2. Selsun 7 Flowers. I don't know much about Selsun shampoo but it smells really good ^^
3. Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask. I never try this clay mask before but I love Acnes Sealing Jell. I already tried a lot of Acnes products and very happy with the result =)

4. Face on Face Nourishing Blush On in Blooming Rose. I love pink blushes! Small packaging, perfect for traveling.
5. Face on Face Nourishing Loose Powder in Loose Powder in Natural Yellow. Love the packaging but I think it's too yellow for my skintone. But let me try =D
6. Face on Face Nourishing Eye Shadow in Blooming Rose. I love this shade! Looks very pretty on the pan <3
7. Face on Face Nourishing Two Way Cake in Tropical Beige. I love the packaging too and that big mirror but sadly it's way too dark for my skintone. I'm a bit surprise when I see this shade on the pan. Anyone have an idea so I can use this Two Way Cake?

I really like the packaging from Face on Face especially because I love pink, hahaha. I would love to try Blush On and Eye Shadow in Natural Glow too. They're so tempting =D

8. Lip on Lip Pure Lips in Bergamot and Orange. My favorite lip balm! Check out my review here. On that review I posted a picture that I used for Beauty on Healthy Contest, LOL! BTW, I already ran out of this lip balm and Rohto give me 2 more of it. So happy XD
9. Lip on Lip Water Color Nourishing Lipstick in Scarlet Peach, Carnation Pink, and Strawberry Red. I love lippies! So glad that I can add them into my lippies collection. Swatch, anybody?

10. Charles & Keith Purse. So pretty! Love it <3

So, that's all that I got from Lip on Lip and Face on Face. Once again, I really wanna say thank you for all of these items to Rohto and Mentholatum. Oh, and I want to say thank you for all of you who vote for my picture on Beauty on Healthy contest so I can win the contest. Thank you very much :*


  1. huahhhh, dirimu menang kuis sayyy :DD
    Selamat! dan hadiahnya bikin ngilerrrrr. sumpah >,<*

    1. Ahahaha, iya kin, lumayan banget buat stock XD
      Kamu emang ngiler yang mana kin? :3

    2. ngiler Lip on Lip Water Color Nourishing Lipstick in Scarlet Peach. Yahhh ampun namanya panjang yahhh XD
      Review doang say lipstiknya, kalau oke aku mau beli. ahahaaaa

  2. woaa, congrats sist :D
    btw yg hadiah beauty on healthy yg mana aja? atau digabung ya sama lip on lip, in your case?

    1. Makasih ya sarah, km jg menang FOF kan ya?
      kl hadiah yg LOL itu dompet C&K, 2 lip on lip water color, sama 1 lip on lip pure lips. Sisanya hadiah kontes beauty on healthynya FOF =)