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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Members In My Stash Part 1

Hello everyone, how are you gals? Anybody miss me? Hehehe...
So, today I wanna share about my new beauty items that I have recently and a bit story behind it. Maybe you can call it mini haul but let me call it "new members in my stash", hahaha. I have 4 new items:
1. Canmake Cheek & Cheek 03 Gerbera Kiss
2. Canmake Cheek & Cheek 04 Love Blossom
3. Canmake Cream Cheek 07 Coral Orange
4. Canmake Cream Cheek 11 Heavenly Heart (I pick this up because I love the name, LOL)

I know that Canmake is not available in Indonesia but still, you can get them from local online shop although I think the price is expensive and it's not affordable for me, so I ask my boyfriend to help me to get these Canmake blushes in Singapore because I know the price would be cheaper, hahaha. A few weeks ago, my boyfriend (which live in Batam) went to Singapore so I sent the picture of these Canmake blushes to him so he can buy correctly and told him that he can get these items in Watsons. 

Actually, I only want 1 Cheek & Cheek and 1 Cream Cheek because I know the price is not really cheap but I really wanna try Canmake blushes since there is a lot of great review about them from beauty blogger. I said to him for Cheek & Cheek I want #03 or #04 and for Cream Cheek I want #07 or #11. Surprisingly, he bought all of the colours that I asked to him, hahaha. He said he was confuse so it's better picked up all of the colour that I wanted, LOL!

Oh, I asked him to get Jelly Beans and Ruffles too. I like Jelly Beans because I can get a lot of flavor in one container and I always love to pick one colour and check the flavor on the back of the container, LOL! Their flavor always surprise me because it taste like a real fruit. And for Ruffles, I actually not really like potato chips because it always makes my throat itchy or sore. But this potato chips taste really good and makes me addicted. Even my brother love it very much and I gave him 1 pack of Ruffles because my boyfriend gave me 2 packs and I know I can't eat all of them >.<

My lovely boyfriend bought seaweed and pistachios nuts too because he knows that I really like it! He bought it on local supermarket in Batam. We met last weekend when he visited me in Bandung. He gave me a lot of stuffs and he just like a Santa Claus, hahaha. He was in Bandung for 2 days only and we really have a good time together. Now he already back to Batam for working. I miss him so bad :(

So here is all the stuffs that my boyfriend gave me ^^

L to R, T to B: Cream Cheek #11 & #07, Cheek & Cheek  #04 & #03
Thank you so much to my boyfriend. I really love these, Darling :*

Thanks for reading and I will review them soon. I just haven't open it yet because it's too cute >.<


  1. baik banget cowoknya, jarang lho cowok yg mau dititipin kyk gitu, adek cowok aku aja ogah banget kalo aku titipin atau suruh ke toko kosmetik..hehehe, ditunggu reviewnya :)

    1. Kalo adek cowoku jg dijamin ga akan mau Mutiara, ahahaha...
      Sip, akan di review ASAP =D

  2. iaa sel,, u're so lucky beb!! ^_^
    unyu banget itu si canmake.. :))

    1. you are so lucky too, Beb =D
      Huuh, maneh kabita yak? ahahahaha

  3. pisaaaaan men,, urg kabita. Nunggu preloved michelle aja,, blogsale.. :))