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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sleek Blush Flamingo and Pomegranate

Hi, how are you guys? It's been a long time since my last review. I'm so sorry because I've been so busy with my assignment. Now I'm back with another sleek blush to review, horray! I really like blush these days and Sleek in one of my favorite blushes because they're so pigmented and have a very unique shades.

I bought 2 more shades Flamingo (left) and Pomegranate (right). So now I have 4 Sleek blushes. Don't forget to check my Rose Gold and Life's a Peach here.

This is a unique pink shades for a blush. It's not just a regular classic pink blush. It's a bright pink with yellow undertone. Yes, it's a warm pink and the pink colour is just like a flamingo, lol. It's not matte but not shimmery. It has a sheen so Flamingo gives me a satin finish. Perfect for daily blush. Well, for me flamingo is a little bit hard to blend compared with the other so it takes a little time to blend it on my cheeks.

It's another unique colour from Sleek blush. Well, I have to admit that it looks very scary on the pan. It's a burgundy with pink undertone. But when I wear it, it gives me a unique purple-red-pink colour with pink and gold shimmer. I love it! It's perfect for autumn and winter and it's perfect for party at night too because I found that the colour is too heavy for me if I wear it for day.

Flamingo and Pomegranate is very pigmented so apply it with a light hand. I never swipe the surface to apply, just dab it with light hand. Take a little bit more if necessary. Well, they last for less than 5 hours, so for the lasting power they're not super. It will suit almost all skintone from light to dark =)

Made in Taiwan

Expiration date: 24 months

Price: Rp 110000,00

Will I repurchase? Yes, I would love to buy another shades if my Sleek blush already hit pan, hehehe...

Here's my swatches for you =)

PS: Click the picture to enlarge

Friday, September 2, 2011

Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher Cheeky Peach

I bought another Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher because I fall in love with silkygirl blush and I don't know why, lol. I really like blush, but I always bought an affordable blush only with a good quality. Silkygirl blush is a good quality blush for me. Actually, I want to buy Sunny Glow but I'm a little bit scared with the colour at the pan. I'm worry if it wont suit my skintone. I have light skintone, so finally I picked this Cheeky Peach. Sunny Glow and Rose Petal will looks good if you have medium-dark skintone, Cheeky Peach and Blushing Pink will looks good if you have light-medium skintone.

Cheeky Peach have same texture with the Blushing Pink. The shimmer shade of cheeky peach is slightly darker than the blushing pink. The matte shade of cheeky peach is a pretty soft peach. I love to mix the matte and shimmer together everytime I'm wearing them. It gives me a natural peachy pink cheeks. I love it! This blush last up to 6 hours on my cheeks.

Here's my swatch for you ^^

Left to Right: Mixed shades, shimmer shade, matte shade

Here's my Cheeky Peach and Blushing Pink if you want to compare =D
Without Flash

With Flash

Left: Cheeky Peach
Right: Blushing Pink

Price: Rp 59500,00 but I bought this for Rp 50600,00

There's 4 shades available: 01 Cheeky Peach, 02 Blushing Pink, 03 Rose Petal, 04 Sunny Glow

Will I repurchase? Yes, and I would glad to buy the refill if it's available.

What is your favorite shade from Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher?

PS: Click the picture to enlarge

Sleek Blush Rose Gold and Life's a Peach

Well, finally I have blushes from Sleek. Sleek is a UK make up brand. I'm really curious about this product because every review that I read always said that this is the best drugstore blush out there. It's smooth, pigmented, and have a really beautiful shades.

For now I only have 2 and I can't wait to buy another shades. I have Rose Gold and Life's a Peach.

Without Flash

With Flash

Left: Life's a Peach
Right: Rose Gold

Rose Gold
This shade is soooo beautiful. It's peachy rosy-pink with a gold shimmer. Very very pigmented. The first time I tried it, I swipe my big blush brush on the surface of the blush then swipe it to my cheek and the fact is I put too much on my cheek, lol. If you want to use this blush, just dab a little bit with your brush, and blend it well on your cheeks. Use a very light hand with this blush. It will give you a nice peachy rosy-pink cheeks with a really beautiful glow. A lot of woman are craving about this beautiful blush. Some woman named this shade "duochrome" because it looks like peachy gold and rosy-pink from side to side.

Life's a Peach
This is my first true peach blush. I always scared to try peach/orange blush. I always have pink or peachy pink blush. Everything is always with pink because I like dolly pink cheeks. I'm scared if peach blush won't suit my skintone. But I was wrong. This blush looks natural on my cheeks. This blush is not pigmented as the rose gold. It's a sheer blush but buildable so I don't have to worry if I will put too much on my cheeks. I need to swipe it 2-3 times to make them looks pretty on my cheeks. This peach blush is completely matte. This blush will looks good if you have light-medium skintone.

I know that it's hard to get this blush on the store so I get this from domestic online shop. Even this blush is hard to find in US. So, I feel lucky to have this blush in my case =D
Don't forget to grab them if you have a London trip or you can bought them online. I really recommend this blush for a high quality blush with a low price. The blush last on my cheeks for less than 5 hours :(

Made in Taiwan

Expiration date: 24 months (I think this blush will last forever because it's big enough for me. It contains 8 grams)

Price: Rp 110000,00

Will I repurchase? Absolutely! I can't wait to buy Flamingo and Pomegranate =D

Here's my swatches for you =)

Without Flash

With Flash

Here's the back of the packaging =)

What is your favorite shade from Sleek blush?

PS: Click the picture to enlarge

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