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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wishlist: NYX Blusher

Everybody knows that NYX is one of the best make up around since they have a very good quality with their pigment, range of colour, lasting power, and price. Lucky for you if you can find this products easily with a sale price, hehehe...but not for me. It's expensive here in Indonesia. But if I have enough money, I will order it from online shop =)

I heard a lot about NYX blusher because they're very good. I really attracted to try them! After saw the swatches on some beauty blogs, I put some on my wishlist:

NYX Powder Blush
1. Pinched

2. Peach

3. Rose Garden

4. Summer Peach

5. Angel

6. Natural

7. Mocha

8. Pinky

NYX Cream Blush
1. Glow

2. Tickled

3. Natural

4. Boho Chic

I hope this is not to much, hehehe...

Thanks for reading and have a nice day ;)

Picture from: http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/