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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Canmake Cream Cheek: 07 Coral Orange & 11 Heavenly Heart

Hello to all my readers ^^
Today is a beautiful day, right? I don't know why today is a beautiful day but I feel so happy because it's nice to know that there's a lot of people who really love me <3

Now, I wanna give a review about my new Canmake Cream Cheek that I already mention here on my previous post. This is my first cream blush ever! I'm really curious about the texture, pigmentation, application, how it looks on my cheeks, etc.

I have to admit that Canmake Cream Cheek have a lot of beautiful shades that makes me take a really long time to choose the shade that I really want. Finally, my heart and my eyes decide to choose #07 Coral Orange and #11 Heavenly Heart (beautiful name). Seriously, I have no regret at all to choose these 2 babies. They are soooo pretty. When I first opened it and look on the pan I can see pretty shades with gold microshimmer. Love love love! I really like anything pinkish with gold shimmer. They're like perfect combination. That gold microshimmer gives subtle glow to my cheeks. When I saw my finger after I blend the cream cheek on my cheeks, the gold microshimmer looks like a sheen.

#07 Coral Orange & #11 Heavenly Heart (with flash)

#07 Coral Orange: Pretty coral with gold shimmer.

#11 Heavenly Heart: Fresh pink with gold shimmer.

For application, I'm using my clean finger to apply it on my cheeks. Dot dot dot and blend, hahaha. They're buildable, so be careful if you don't want to look like a clown. Since the pigmentation is pretty good, 2 layers is enough to get the intensity that I want. Very natural looking ^^

Because I feel a bit oily (maybe because it's the first time I'm using cream blush) so I layer it again with a little bit of Canmake Cheek & Cheek and it makes them last longer. This cream cheek spreads easily on my cheeks and not sticky at all.

Because it gives glowy cheeks, has gold shimmer, and a bit oily, I prefer to use this cream cheek at night. I have combination skin (normal-oily) but the oily thing from this cream cheek is still tolerable. I'm so happy to live here in Bandung that have cold weather at night. The shimmer is not overwhelming and it doesn't noticeable except you look closely.

They last up to 5 hours on my cheeks when I wear it at night and note that I always give a thin layer of Canmake Cheek & Cheek. After 5 hours, they start to fade away. Pretty good, right? =D

For the price, IMO they're expensive. They didn't mention how many grams of product on the packaging but they are very small. Since they are gift, I don't know about the price, LOL!

Look how small they are on my hand >.<

Made in Japan.

  • Have a lot of beautiful shades to choose
  • Long lasting
  • Pigmented
  • Hard to find in Indonesia
  • Expensive
  • Cheap plastic packaging

I would say that I really recommended this product and I would love to purchase another shades.

Now the swatches especially for you my beautiful readers ^^

T - B: #11 & #07 (without flash)

T - B: #11 & #07 (with flash)

T - B: #11 & #07 (blended)

Click the picture to enlarge so you can see the golden shimmer :) 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy =D

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