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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lip on Lip Pure Lips

Hello everyone, how about your holiday? It must be so much fun and I hope you enjoy it with your family or with your beloved ones ^^
I’m very happy too because my boyfriend visited me in Bandung and we have so much fun together.

So now I’m gonna give you a review about my HG lipbalm. It’s called Lip on Lip Pure Lips. I got this a few months ago because I won a contest from Lip on Lip but I can’t remember at all about the contest >.<
When I recieve the gift, I’m a little bit sad because the lipbalm is already broken and tip of the lipbalm knocked the cap *sad*, but it doesn’t matter since it a gift, hehehehe...I keep using it carefully and I hope it won’t getting worse.

I really love this lipbalm because it makes my lips feel so soft, smooth, and it really moisturized my lips. I never felt a lipbalm like this before. This lipbalm is so watery. It doesn’t feel waxy or oily at all. This lipbalm give me fresh watery gloss on my lips. Really freshen up my looks and my lips looks healthy too! I have a lot of lipbalm but I found out that I reach this one the most. Oh, and I love the orange fragrance too. It smells so sweet like real orange candy. Even my little sister ask me if she can eat it, LOL! I love the looks and the result of this lipbalm on my lips.

This lipbalm is colorless but I love to wear it without add some lipstick on it because it brings the natural colour of my lips. But sometimes if want to put some lipstick, I apply this lipbalm first and let my lips absorb it for a few minutes and then I apply the lipstick. It helps to make the lipstick glides smoothly, evenly, and makes the colour looks more natural on my lips. Well, I have to say that I never leave home without this lipbalm and I love to bring it for travelling too.

The silver palstic packaging is pretty but it’s fragile. It cracks everywhere since I dropped it twice, hehehe... *sorry for the disturbing picture because I really forgot where I put the picture when the lipbalm still in good condition*

There’s one thing that I dislike about this lipbalm because it doesn’t last long on my lips. It only stays about 2 hours on my lips. But I definetly would love to repurchase again since I love the result from this lipbalm. I really recommend this lipbalm and it really worth a try ;)

This is the swatch on my lips *sorry for my weird lips*. What do you think? I took this picture when I'm waiting on the yard for my boyfriend to pick me up to go to Lembang to picking strawberries, YAY!

And I want to share a little memories with you when I picking strawberries ^^

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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